• “Jon supported us in training our team on digital best practice and also providing consulting advice to our provider network. Jon is extremely professional with a fantastic mix of technical understanding and strategic insights. He was also able to break down complex solutions in a way that every audience could understand regardless of previous knowledge.”

    Louise Cummins

    Louise Cummins – Marketing Director, ANZ at Invisalign

  • “I found him to be one of the best managers I’ve ever had. No matter how busy he is, Jon has this amazing ability to make each and every member of his business feel valued, inspiring them to push themselves and really stretch their abilities.

    I’ve found that it’s rare to work for a manager who not only has a vision of the long-term strategy of a business but also possesses a keen understanding of the day-to-day business processes and thus, understands what it takes to get you there. Jon is one of those people who showcases both abilities.”

    Theodora Chan

    Theodora Chan – SEO & Content Manager at Croud

  • “An absolute online guru who knows what works!!”


    George Moussa Avanser

    George Moussa – Senior Business Development Manager at AVANSER